Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekend Photo Diary

I had a very nice and relaxed weekend. As you know on Friday I was at fashion week all day and Saturday morning we checked out the flea market. I spotted some nice jewelry stands and a lot of other cool stuff, but I didn't end up buying anything. After the flea market I went to check out some shows again and was very excited for Marcel Ostertag since I missed the show two years ago and everyone told me it was amazing! And it was awesome!

Today I decided to skip fashion week since I literally spent all of Thursday, Friday and Saturday there so my boyfriend and I went to Sneakerness (a sneaker convention!) which was a lot of fun! We did everything from funny pictures with huge kicks to a game called Lace-Race where you basically put laces in a sneaker as fast as you can. James only needed 35 seconds so he won a 100€ voucher! We didn't buy any shoes because I didn't really find a pair I absolutely loved, but we saw some really amazing and crazy pieces!

Magdalena Adriane

Marcel Ostertag

Marcel Ostertag

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