Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is the only Band Shirt that I own! I love Kings of Leon! When I listen to music on shuffle and a Kings of Leon song comes up I NEVER ever go to the next song! I think they are just amazing! In 2010 I saw them live in Vienna. I was standing in the 2nd row and I loved it! I have been runnig around all morning getting ready for London and I picked up the tickets for Kanye and Jay-Z! I have to go pack my bags now! Hope you are having a nice day! 

Shirt - got it at the concert / Jeans - Cheap Monday / Jacket - Topshop / Bag - F21 / Shoes - Office / Necklace - F21 / Ring - Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Casual Tuesday

I know this outfit is kind of random but I just had to run some errands for work today! Hope you like it anyway! I'm gonna go grab some drinks with friends later tho, so I'm definitely gonna change for that!  :) Also I have to get everything ready for London since I'm leaving on thursday!! Have a great day!

Dress- Primark / Pullover - F21 / Jacket - H&M / Bag - Asos / Shoes - Max Shoes / Necklace - F21 / Earrings - Pieces / Sunglasses - H&M / Hair Cuff - H&M 

I had some time to do my nails yesterday but they didn't really turn out that great! I think they are kind of cute anyway. The polish is from Urban Outfitters and the colors are Hottup which is a neon pink and Binge thats a neon purple (on the photo you really can't tell that the colors are neon I know)  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bubble Gum

The weather was amazing today so me and my friend Klara chilled on my roof (again I know (-: ). We took some photos but mostly silly ones because we tried to jump and stuff but that didn't really work out as you can see :) thought I share it with you guys any way and just so you know these shorts are gonna be my go to piece this summer, I absolutely LOVE them! The day ended perfectly with a nice family dinner at my moms house and afterwards Mojitos at Tel Aviv Beach with Natascha! Oh ja and I'm gonna be in London next week to see Kanye West and Jay-Z perform! I booked the flight yesterday, so excited!! 

Shorts, Bracelets & Sunglasses - H&M / Top - Primark / Shoes - Zara / Necklace - F21 / Earrings - Primark / Ring - YSL

amazing dinner mami cooked!! yum yum

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New in

Just wanted to show you some pieces I picked up lately. What do you think? I love the WE sandals since they look like the Chanel ones ;)

 Shorts - H&M

 lace shirt and jeans - H&M / cut out shirt - F21

 top and dress - F21

 flower sandals - WE / glitter sandals - Zara

pink necklace and bracelet set - H&M / nailpolish - Essie / foundation - Nars / hamsa hand necklace - Accessorize / pink bracelet - Swarovski / bracelet to ring - Topshop