Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black & White

I was so busy today, I apologize for the quality and lighting of these photos! I'm currently reorganizing my room and I'm getting rid of a lot of clothes and stuff so I spent the whole day in my room throwing stuff out and cleaning (except for a lunch date with my mom)! My room is a complete mess right now, there is stuff everywhere and I realized that I just own way too many clothes! I could open up a store, it is ridiculous! But thats gonna change now - everything I didn't wear in a year has to go, and a lot of stuff I'm gonna sell! It feels really good to have more space (knowing me, probably for new clothes)

Dress - Zara / Shoes - Vögele Shoes / Belt - Vintage / Bag - F21 


  1. awesome dress!!! :)

  2. GOSH gurrrrl I luf your blog!u may proceed ;) xx ago