Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bizarre Mannequins

Today I had my job interview and I think it went pretty well. On our way we saw such bizarre mannequins that we had to stop and take pictures of them. They had this weird 90s lipliner thing going on, the strangest eye makeup, and the best part was the piercings! The whole thing was ridiculous, I had to laugh so hard. I didn't take pictures of the clothes, that was just too much. The store is one of those "middle-aged-women-with-no-time-for-taste" shops. I don't get how these people think those mannequins are cool, they don't go with the clothes at all. On the other hand I also wouldn't know how to style those freaky dolls.

So when I came home I googled "bizarre mannequins" just to see if there are more crazy ones, and I found some! The weirdest thing is I've walked by that store so many times and never noticed them 'til my boyfriend pointed them out today. Don't ask me why I dedicated a whole blog post to these dummies, I just thought the world should know haha…

Also if any one of you lives in the Vienna area I'm organizing a flea market at Cafe Europa in the 7th district this Sunday the 23rd starting at 12am. We are gonna sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, books and more nice stuff! You should definitely swing by if you can, and if you have stuff that you'd like to sell you can write me an email (tcompassblog@gmail.com)!

The manikins we found :)

 Crazy girl in Hollywood via

 Weird mannequin posing at F21 (via)

This is just wrong haha (via)

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