Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bodrum For A Day

Yesterday we went on a little day trip to Bodrum. Since it is very close to Kos we took a boat for 45 minutes and voila, we're in Turkey! We went on a Tuesday because we heard there is an epic market, but I have to say I didn't like it at all. I expected a turkish market with rugs and nice jewelry but instead it was a Fake-hell. With that I mean the cheapest fakes you can imagine, and crap no one really needs. But I really enjoyed the little shops, spice stands and restaurants the rest of the city has to offer. Bodrum is beautiful and bigger than I expected! We took a walk through town, did some shopping, had a yummie lunch and turkish tea. The boat ride back was beautiful - the sun was going down and we sat on the very front with water splashing our feet. It was a great trip! When we got home I took some photos of my boyfriend to feature some guy fashion on here too :)

 When we got in to Bodrum I spotted this "a la Hollywood" Beach sign :)

 A nice little spice stand - I love the colors.

 The biggest Döner meat I've ever seen!

 Beautiful sunset on our way back!

 Tank - Civil Clothing / Shorts - Cut off Nudie Jeans / Boots - J Shoes / Cap - New Era

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