Saturday, August 18, 2012

Black Pearl

We did a bit of shopping the other day and I found some cool jewellery. After that we got the best ice cream on this planet (Too Special) and took a walk at the Marina. I also took some photos at my favourite beach here in Kos - Black Pearl! Last night we went to the "Black Moon Pirate Party" at the same spot which was a lot of fun since we barely go out here because you would probably die of a Pitbull overdose ;) 

 At the Marina taking a walk and doing a little shopping. 

 We saw this HUGE Atlantic Cruiser today!

Bit of bikini-climbing!

 My brothers girlfriend Maud

 Best beach in all of Kos: Black Pearl!

 Some sweet rings I picked up at the market here in Greece. (Dress & Shoes - Zara)

Found this "little" guy chilling at the house the other day.

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